New 3 units cutting machine have been lauched in our workshop

In March of this year, our company in order to better ensure that the customer's delivery time, so purchase of three cutting machine for Polyolefin shrink film cutting.

Thank you so much for all the customers' trust for our quality and sevice,this new year have been given us lots of orders.Although We have six production lines for polyolefin shrink film blown film,however our cutting capacity is not enough now, so cause the Delivery time have sometime delay,so our company in March this year have been purchased 3 units cutting machine, purchase from the world famous cutting machine manufacturers Hongqiao Machinery , which has a gantry Slitter, Slitter in the leader, this Slitter one day cut the amount of ordinary slitting machine 3 times, and cut out the film is neat, rarely appear joint phenomenon. So please rest assured all customers, from the beginning of April, our company's polyolefin shrink film delivery time will be normal, fast up to ensure that up to 15 days to complete the production of a small 20ft container.

Thank you so much for our customers supporting and trusting, we will continue to improve themselves, continue to invest, so that we do better, better for sevice everyone, very grateful.

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