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quality is the life of enterprise, the brand is the soul of enterprise-----2015-12-18

Brand is the soul, the enterprise doesn't own the brand is equivalent to a person without thinking. No thinking person in social groups is dead, and who won't be recognized by other people. Enterprises is also which want to be recognized by consumers, need to create their own brands and expand awareness, reputation and loyalty of their brand. which relate to various aspects of the product, such

The hot perforated POF shrink film is launched this month !!!-----2015-11-26

Our research and Development Department recently introduced a hot Perforated pof shrink film, this shrink film is mainly used to wrap food such as bread, eggs, this film's greatest strength is relatively many micro holes, convenient food of air circulation ensures food freshness, not prone to deterioration.

POF shrink film is functional and environmental protection combined-----2015-11-02

<p>POF Shrink film is a kind of functional and environmental protection combined plastic packaging films, has strong tightness, the transparent and high gloss, tear resistance, cold resistance excellent advantage characteristics, the most prominent is the performance of its environmental protection, are the same types of film can not match advantage, POF heat shrinkable film is widely used in food

The Asia-Pacific region has beacome the world's largest film market-----2015-10-16

In recent years, with the development of the packaging industry, plastic packaging market is growing. As one of the most important components of plastic packaging films market is also booming. At present, the packaging film is a growing demand, geography, Asia Pacific is the world's largest film market.

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