Every year Prettylift Group will donate 12% profit into Children's Charities like Children health care, Children food health, Children education and son on.

We are hoping our Children can grow health, bright and knowledgeable; They will be our founder of our future beautiful world, also hope you can ! Thank you !

Welcome to us

Prettylift always adapt rapidly to the changing face of the Tapes and Polyolefin shrink film technology Innovation and development,and providing products features combining art,elegant,durability, quality and service ability, win world renowned for art elegant and product reliability.

Prettylift began manufacturing all kinds of Tapes in 1998, and through more than 10 years development, have been grown to be a professional manufacturer and exporter for a full line of Tapes and Polyolefin shrink film,PVC cling film,PE cling film like Super Clear Tape,Stationery Tape,Double Side Tape,Color Sealing Tape,Warning Sealing Tape, standard polyolefin shrink film,micro-perforations polyolefin shrink film,high-performance polyolefin shrink film,PVC cling film,PE cling film and so on.

Quality,elegant and reliability are the hallmarks that have given Prettylift a solid reputation as the one of manufacturer and exporter the best Polyolefin shrink film and Taps in the world. and our products has been exported all the world like European Union,USA,Canada,Brazil, Russia,Australia and other places and regions.

We're in spirit of "Each product is a piece of art “