Cross linked Polyolefin shrink film is launched on the market

Through our research and development department more than half and one year fighting, and finally developed the cross linked Polyolefin shrink film, and after six months of testing, began mass production, No matter quality or price, we will make you satisfied.

This Sealing performance of cross linked shrink film is relatively high, so could package a variety of packaging products, Standard pof shrink film can packaged products, the Cross linked pof shrink film also can package, However this price is relatively more higher than the standard pof shrink film, if your client package the low-value products such as bread, we don't recommend that you choose this cross linked pof shrink film, suggest you purchase the Standard pof shrinking film.

Because Sealing performance of the cross linked pof shrink film is relatively high, so 12mic, 15mic, 19mic could replace 25mic, 30mic standard pof shrink film when package the products.

Our Micro perforation cross linked pof shrink film are being tested, estimate that will soon be put into production and sales market. At that time, we will inform you, thank you so much for your great supporting.

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